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Cook County Divorce and Hidden Assets Attorney

Forest Park divorce hidden asset discovery lawyer

Divorce Lawyers Assisting With Asset and Income Discovery in Oak Park and Chicago

Ending a marriage is rarely an easy process, but divorce can become even more difficult in high conflict situations, including cases in which a spouse attempts to hide assets or conceal income in a way that negatively affects their former partner. When you are dealing with the avalanche of financial issues, practical concerns, and legal matters that come with divorce, you need a dedicated legal advocate on your side to protect your interests.

The divorce attorneys of Wakenight & Associates, P.C. have been working in the field of family law for a combined total of more than 95 years. We can address your concerns about your former spouse's actions, work to uncover assets or income that may have been concealed, and ensure that your rights are protected throughout your divorce case.

Uncovering Hidden Assets

Over the course of a marriage, couples are likely to acquire both physical items and financial assets. In some cases, a spouse may form an emotional attachment to certain items and believe that this property should remain in their possession. In other cases, a person may believe that their former partner does not deserve a fair share of the marital property, perhaps because their infidelity was what led to the divorce. A spouse may also attempt to conceal some of their income to minimize the amount of child support or spousal support they will be required to pay.

Regardless of their reason for hiding assets or misreporting income, any attempts to do so should be addressed during the divorce process. By discovering all marital assets and determining the correct amount of both spouses' incomes, you can ensure that property is divided fairly and equitably and that support obligations will meet your and your children's needs. When looking for hidden assets or income, you may want to:

  • Search for any cash or valuables that may have been concealed in your marital home, other real estate property you own, or a safe deposit box.
  • Check joint bank accounts to see if money has been transferred to your spouse's friends or family members or if large purchases have been made.
  • Review financial records to look for issues such as funds being placed in an offshore account, a trust, or a retirement fund.
  • Examine the records of family-owned businesses to discover any improper use of marital business assets, such as payments made to family members or people who do not actually work for the company.
  • Review tax returns and pay stubs to determine whether income was misreported during the discovery phase of divorce.

The assistance of a forensic accountant can be invaluable when determining whether a spouse has attempted to conceal any property or misreport their income. Our lawyers will work with financial professionals to discover any discrepancies, determine whether a spouse has dissipated marital assets, and ensure that marital assets are divided fairly and equitably.

Contact a Maybrook High Asset Divorce Attorney

Following your divorce, you deserve to be able to continue living at a standard that is close to what you enjoyed while you were married. If your ex-spouse's attempts to game the system are jeopardizing your financial security, you will want to be sure their actions are brought to light so that the right decisions can be made during your divorce. To learn more about how our attorneys can help you address issues related to hidden assets, contact us at 708-480-9651 and schedule your free consultation today. We serve clients in Oak Park, Skokie, Chicago, Riverside, Berwyn, River Forest, Maybrook, Cicero, Elmwood Park, Forest Park, and throughout Cook County.

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