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Cook County Divorce Attorney for Stalking and Harassment

Riverside family law attorney for stalking or electronic harassment

Lawyers Assisting With Cases Involving Electronic Monitoring in Oak Park and Chicago

When you have chosen to get a divorce, you are likely ready to move on from an unhealthy relationship. Unfortunately, your ex-spouse may not feel the same way, and they may act inappropriately in an attempt to repair the relationship or intimidate you into following their demands. If their actions make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you should be sure to understand your legal options for forcing them to end this behavior, allowing you to complete your divorce as smoothly and effectively as possible.

At Wakenight & Associates, P.C., our divorce lawyers understand the laws regarding stalking and harassment and the ways you can protect your safety. We can put over 95 years of combined experience to work for you, helping you address your concerns.

Addressing Online and Offline Harassment

For many people, divorce occurs after their relationship has broken down, and they may have become used to hostile arguments and unreasonable behavior from their partner. This means that when their ex-spouse begins to harass them during or after divorce, they may not realize how out of line this behavior is, and they may not understand that they can take legal action to end the harassment.

If your spouse does any of the following, you should speak to an attorney to determine how to respond:

  • Repeatedly calling you on the phone after you have told them to stop.
  • Sending threatening voice mails, text messages, emails, or social media messages to you, your children, your family members, or your friends.
  • Tracking your movements using a GPS device hidden in your car or an app installed on your phone.
  • Watching your home from a vehicle parked on the street or following you to work or as you run errands.
  • Entering your home or workplace uninvited.
  • Threatening to harm you, your children, or your loved ones, or threatening to hurt themselves if you do not do what they want.
  • Sharing personal information about you online, including embarrassing details about your life or financial information intended to facilitate identity theft.
  • Installing monitoring or keystroke tracking software on your computer or attempting to access your online accounts or bank records.
  • Placing video or audio recording devices in your home.

If any of your ex's actions cause you to fear for your own safety or that of your children, you may wish to obtain an order of protection that will require them to cease any further harassment and refrain from contacting you in any way. If they have committed any physical or verbal abuse, or if they have illegally eavesdropped on you using electronic equipment or software, you may want to press criminal charges against them. Our attorneys can help you understand your rights and work with you to determine your options for ending this harassment.

Contact Our Maybrook Family Law Attorneys

When you wish to get divorced, you deserve to be able to move on to the next chapter of your life as smoothly as possible. When your ex-spouse is doing everything they can to keep this from happening, our lawyers will work with you to address any concerns about your family's safety and ensure that you can complete the divorce process effectively. Contact our office today at 708-480-9651 to schedule your free consultation and learn how we can help. We provide divorce and family law representation in Oak Park, Chicago, Riverside, Forest Park, Skokie, Maybrook, Riverside, Elmwood Park, Cicero, Berwyn, River Forest, and throughout Cook County.

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